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Mental blocks and problems is something that can face us all. Do you have a condition such as anxiety or depression? What helps you, may help others. Lend a hand here.

Post Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:27 am
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Yes, I don't know if mentalness is a word or not (Looks like my spell check says no, it is not LOL) but it sounds good. I really want to open the floor up to anyone here to talk about a moment when they in their life felt mentally blocked, drained, even confident. Mel had written a great article that really let out the feels of letting you know that "You're different, and that's ok"

It seems in today's world there seems to be many mental instabilities that we hear about, and it can be very dis-heartening at times. Almost even put you in a position where you become a bit of a hypochondriac over the idea that maybe there's even something wrong with you. Bi-polar, Anxiety, depression, autism, dyslexia all of these and others get a ton of attention in the press, and is constantly being thrown around in the medical field (At least that's my opinion). Have you ever been put in a position where you felt something may be wrong with you mentally? How did you or your parents work to resolve it? It is something that still affects you? If so, how do you work with it affecting your life?

I don't really have any personal examples of myself. I've never been diagnosed with anything or ever felt I needed to be checked for abnormalities in my brain. But I know of people who live there lives every day working with their limitations. I've seen both sides from outsiders, people who love and support, and others who shy away from them. The idea of living with a mental restraint is a strange concept to someone who's never dealt with it before. So this is a chance to educate and learn. To explain to the world, "This is who I am, and here is what I deal/have dealt with." There is no pressure here, only support for those who feel they need it. Much love to anyone willing to share their stories.

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