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Advice for losing weight

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Post Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:50 pm

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Hey guys,

So today i just stepped on the scale (something i really dread doing) Those numbers just started going up and up till i got to 240. I honestly felt so terrible after seeing that number. I have always tried to get on the right track when it comes to food and exercise but im just guessing every time i do it. I've never really known how to exercise and eat properly. I constantly just eat and drink what i like when i please. but my biggest enemy is binge eating, something i am completely guilty of more then a couple times. Also the excess of sugary beverages is another big culprit, I am assumed if i drank diet instead and cut out the sugars i would help while still giving into my addiction.

So What i am asking is if someone could help me come up with a manageable weight loss program.

I have an Elliptical at my disposal as well as a set of 20lb dumb bells. I am also going to stock my mini fridge in my room when some fruits and water to force myself to grab then instead of a diet coke.

I hope to update this thread with Weekly Reports of how my weightloss has been going

Scott Bordas
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Post Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:08 am
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Scotty! My advice to you is 2 things, and they're very basic:

1) Many people abide by exercises that use your own body weight as resistance. Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, running, jumping jacks, etc. None of these require any weights or specialized equipment, but will give you amazing results.

2) Nutrition (don't ever use the word diet) will be 90% of your success. Vegetable, lean meats, fruits and tracking your caloric intake will get you results quicker than anything.

The formula is simple, but it takes dedication, motivation and most of all you HAVE TO WANT IT!!!! Don't sigh whenever you look at a treadmill or groan when you pick up a weight. Think, "I will do this, I will own it, and be proud of my result." If you not uncomfortable, you're not doing it right.

Scott, in the end, it's up to you, and no one can make that decision for you. I can shoot pointers, tips, ideas and suggestions at you all day long, but if you ever want to truly succeed you have to want to do it. Simple as that.

Good luck Scott! I'm always here to help! :-)
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Post Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:31 am

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I'd say you should be goal oriented. If you have trouble with sodas and the like, for one week have one a day. Then next week have one every other day. Basically wean yourself off it until the cravings just aren't there. It also works for your eating habits. Gradually wean yourself off of those things that aren't healthy and slowly begin to replace them with things that are.

Do it with exercise. One week go for 30 minutes. Then next week 35 minutes. Set goals for yourself. Small ones and you'd be surprised how that little fist pump in celebration builds up. "Hell yeah! I didn't have a soda today!"

If you want to lose 60 pounds, there's absolutely no way short of cutting off both your legs to do it over night. Instead shoot for losing 1 pound a week. Or whatever you want. Short, easy, meetable goals to help take each step to where you ultimately want to go.

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