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Post Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:06 am
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Right on the heels of finding your motivation, Momentum is key! Once you find something you must, want, or need to do, STICK WITH IT! I'll be honest, it's going to suck, hard. The first week or two is an uphill battle that you must overcome. You're going to hurt, puke, and go beyond any sort of exhaustion you have ever felt, but it will be oh so worth it! DO NOT QUIT! The reason it sucks it because you are suffering from a different kind of momentum. You led a life of of being sedentary and eating crappy food for so long, that that's the direction you have the most momentum in. You have to hit the breaks and change everything!

I promise the results are there and once you get past your first few weeks you'll see the new momentum in your life and you'll start to wonder "why?" Why in the blue hell did I let myself become like that? Your cravings will change, your routine will change. You'll WANT to go to the gym and get that burn in. You'll want to eat the grilled chicken breast over the pizza because you know it's better for you. Your cupboards, pantries and fridge will change their contents. And I'll be damned if over time your wardrobe doesn't change because your ass is shrinking, and in a good way.

What are your experiences with momentum? How do you feel that it could me the most valuable piece of knowledge in your tool belt? Discuss!
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